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We simplifies shipping to any e-commerce warehouse—just enter the origin and destination for an instant quote. No waiting, no hassle.
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Choose Your Destination

Simply enter the origin and destination points, or select directly from your address book! If you need to ship to multiple warehouses at once, we support that too, so you don't have to worry about Amazon's distribution issues.

Choose Your Product

Select the products you want to ship, how you want them packaged, and whether you need to include duties. The only thing left to do is click 'Next'!

Auto Quotation

Our system will instantly generate a logistics quote. You can also add any required services or insurance, all within less than a minute. Enjoy unprecedented convenience with our fair and transparent pricing—no more varying quotes from different salespeople.

24/7 Tracking

Our high-frequency tracking system, developed by Logistiic, integrates all logistics providers across the supply chain. It monitors the status of your shipment around the clock and automatically sends notifications with every status update, ensuring your goods safely reach their destination.
Why Logistiic Shipping
Leading the future of logistic
with technology

Global reach

With our AI-powered software, shipping globally is as easy as ordering an Uber. No matter where you are sourcing from or shipping to, Logistiic ensures you won't have to worry about any part of the process.

Ship faster and lower costs

Our system instantly compares all shipping times and vessel options to find you the cheapest and fastest solution. The money you save can be used to increase your profit margins.

Save time

Our system eliminates the need to hire additional staff to manage logistics. From getting a quote to shipping goods, traditional freight forwarders take 1-2 weeks; we only take 30 seconds!

Stable logistics stems from
our strong fundamentals

AI risk assessment

Using AI and algorithms to assess the risk in logistics, thereby analyzing the most suitable, and cost-effective routes

High-frequency monitoring

To ensure stable deliveries, we've implemented a 24-hour high-frequency monitoring system for immediate issue resolution

E-commerce expert team

Our team has helped manage accounts for numerous Fortune 500 companies, ensuring expert, seamless communication across e-commerce platforms.

Multi-server deployment

Our computational servers are distributed across multiple powerful server centers, ensuring data remains highly secure at all times.

A smooth and stable logistics experience

Before partnering with Logistiic, communicating with freight agents was a time-consuming task. Collaborating with Logistiic has streamlined our cross-border e-commerce logistics process, saving us a significant amount of manpower in e-commerce logistics management. Additionally, compared to other companies, Logistiic offers more competitive prices. Highly recommended!

I've never used a system that's so user-friendly and effective before

As a seven-figure USD Amazon seller, we've been collaborating with other freight agents. However, the constant back-and-forth communication and inquiries were time-consuming and tedious. Working with Logistiic has been a breeze. The system presents all the information I need, making the entire process very smooth and saving a lot of time. I really love Logistiic's system!

Tailored for E-Commerce Platforms

Simplifying Amazon Marketplace Shipments

Logistiic deeply integrates with Amazon's API, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Simply click one button to synchronize everything automatically.
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